Rose Garden’s Photographer 2016-10-12T17:04:48+00:00

Stephanie Guardino Rodriguez

Our official rose garden photographer.

Stephanie Rodriguez, owner of Steffi R. Photography, has always had an eye for detail and a passion for creativity. Her interest in photography began as a young teenager, experimenting with her stepfather’s camera. Working closely with her husband Gil, they have created a successful business ranging from weddings to simple portraits.

When not behind the camera, Stephanie is the director of Grupe Home Star, working with a team of developers specializing in energy and water efficient improvements for homes in the San Joaquin Valley. She has been an influential member of The Grupe Company since 2007.

Now as the official photographer for the University Park World Peace Rose Garden, Stephanie is able to fulfill her ultimate goal of capturing the beauty of the roses, and instill a feeling of peace in the hearts of every visitor.

If you are interested in purchasing a rose photo, please click here. 20% of your purchase will go directly to the University Park World Peace Rose Garden. The prints are available in Traditional Canvas or Bright, Shiny, Modern Metal. Either choice is beautiful for home or office.